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A return to Tane-Los

Yes, I'm doing Nanowrimo again this year!

I'm also serving as the Municipal Liaison (ML) for Manhattan, KS for the second time. The first time was as co-ML with the estimable Megan Deppner (EmpyreanEvensong). This time, I'm flying solo as she's moved on to bigger and better things... wish me luck!


Nanowrimo 2008

In case you were wondering: I am doing Nanowrimo this year, but my fourth entry is not going to be set on the world of Tane-Los.

Please head over to ft_forgotten to see and discuss what I'm producing this year, and check back here in 2009 for Darvas's story.

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Nano 2007!

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost two years since I last worked on Tane-Los!

I've signed up for Nanowrimo 2007, and will be writing Eloyine's story this time. It's my first love story (of sorts), so it's going to be an interesting challenge.

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Soundtrack 1, revised

  • 1. Dawn over Mount Kolunos - P.O.D., "Youth Of The Nation"

  • 2. The Citadel of the Empress - Dido, "This Land Is Mine"

  • 3. The Citadel of Blood - Rosanne Cash, "Western Wall"

  • 4. Collegium - R.E.O. Speedwagon, "Keep The Fire Burning"

  • 5. The North-King - Queen, "Princes Of The Universe"

  • 6. Winds of Warning - Jewel, "Hands"

  • 7. Stratagems - Cowboy Bebop, "Call Me Call Me"

  • 8. Missions - Sarah McLachlan, "World On Fire"

  • 9. Winter - Tori Amos, "Winter"

  • 10. Silence - Crowded House, "Don't Dream It's Over"

  • 11. The Throne of Jet - George Harrison, "Cheer Down"

  • 12. The Old Ones - Cirque du Soleil, "Le Reveur"

  • 13. Visions - Charlotte Church and Josh Groban, "The Prayer"

  • 14. Night - Placido Domingo, "In Pace"

  • 15. Day - Evanescence, "My Immortal"

  • 16. Homecomings - Vienna Teng, "Gravity"

Soundtrack 2 is to follow.
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Eight Orders of Ar-Terionach

The Eight Orders of Archniniei-Los are the counterparts to the Archniniei Principal Houses. By contrast with the noble houses of the west, the guilds of the east were all founded within an eight-year period (Year 336 - 343), by dictatorial charter. The process would have taken only four years, but the Autarch who founded the first two orders was assassinated in Archnin Year 337; his successor, the founder of the four draconic orders, in 341.

  • 1. Onyx Golem - founded Year 336
    Colors: black and white

  • 2. Teuthis - founded Year 337
    Colors: brown and magenta

  • 3. Salamander (Earth-Drake) - founded Year 340
    Colors: red and tan

  • 4. Leviathan (Water-Dragon) - founded Year 340
    Colors: royal blue and dark violet

  • 5. Sky-Drake - founded Year 340
    Colors: sea green and turquoise

  • 6. Moon-Dragon - founded Year 340
    Colors: gold and pale yellow

  • 7. Bloodbird (Gryphon) - founded Year 342
    Colors: silver and red

  • 8. Starhawk - founded Year 343
    Colors: white and black

The pattern of two earthbound, two aquatic, and two aerial orders is deliberate, and this motif is featured in the banner of the Terionach honor guard, adopted in 341 A.I. as the second flag of the Union. The simplified flag in Alinyel's dream was adopted in 557 A.I. during the reign of the 21st Autarch, and is similar to the original flag.
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Seven Houses of Archniniei-Los

The Principal Houses of Archniniei-Los are seven in number because the Imperial house is set apart (a "zeroth house"). They were founded between years 31 and 338 of the Imperium.

  • 0. Imperial House of the Snow Lynx - founded Year 1
    Colors: white

  • 1. Swordfish - founded Year 31
    Colors: blue and silver

  • 2. Phoenix - founded Year 134
    Colors: lime green and gold

  • 3. Wildcat - founded Year 138
    Colors: purple and white
    (Just a little k_state pride there. ;-))

  • 4. Silver Wolf - founded Year 257
    Colors: silver and black

  • 5. Wyvern - founded Year 273
    Colors: aqua and forest green

  • 6. Tane-Los Crab - founded Year 293
    Colors: red and orange brown

  • 7. Thoroughbred - founded Year 338
    Colors: black

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Dramatis Personae

Several readers have asked me to draw a map and write a cast list, so here is a start.

Appearances and nontrivial references are listed by chapter number after each character. Significant appearances or events are given in bold.
Major spoilers are cut.


Alinyel - a young novitiate of House Swordfish, apprenticed to Lord Graniel [6, 8]
Arzelyan - a lord of Terfan, the ranking knight of the house of the Silver Wolf (fourth house of the Imperium) [6, 7]
Autalon - grand vizier to the Hegemon of the Amethyst Isles [2]
Beranyel - general of the Army of the Imperium [2]
Daravan - a scout of House Wyvern who fights at Mount Kolunos, is taken prisoner by Feslik, and is interrogated by Rizulek [1]
Eloyine - a senior speaker of the corps and one of Graniel's staff; Collapse ) [6]
Garwin - prince consort of House Phoenix, father of Melori and Perya [4]
Graniel - a powerful Speaker of House Swordfish and an illusion-spinner, one of the teachers of the Collegium and mentor to Alinyel [6, 7, 8]
Iliare - chef of the Imperial palace [2, 4]
Neelion - prince of Terfan, third of the name [2]
Karina - princess of House Phoenix, mother of Melori and Perya [4]
Mirelai - princess of the west central region of the Archniniei Imperium [2]
Melori - Perya's older sister, an esquire of House Phoenix [4]
Perya - second daughter of the Lord and Lady of House Phoenix, a newly-commissioned esquire of House Phoenix [4, 6, 8]
Paryel - master of the Collegium of Speakers [4]
Ranavel - 27th monarch of the Archniniei Imperium, empress by marriage [2, 3, 4]
Trifanye - a Phoenix elder and a tutor of Perya's house [6, 8]
Yendar - a prince of the Southland [2]


Amiria - Feslik's younger sister, an exile to the badlands northeast of Ar-Balagûn [1]
Arthag - one of Yahan's squad members at Mount Kolunos, later one of the captains of his army [1, 7]
Arvulek - a general of the home guard, commander of the division of Ar-Balagûn [5, 7]
Aryne - a scout in Yahan's squad [1]
Autarch, The - see Gargorai
Autarch's cousin, The - see Sohan
Feslik - one of Yahan's scouts, later Rizulek's aide, and an erstwhile protege of Onalos, Yahan, Rizulek, and the Autarch [1, 6, 8]
Balinak - a captain of the Terionach home guard and member of the Order of the Onyx Golem, who delivers the news of Ar-Kalen's destruction to Ginel [3]
Gargorai - 51st dictator of the Terionach Union, regnal name Aranav [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]
Ginel - military governor of Tane-Los, general of its army [2, 3, 5]
Home Consul, The - see: Stupek
Ilzanab - general of the First Division of the home guard [5]
Karas - the praetor of the Terionach Union until the enactment of the First Alliance, twelve weeks after the battle of Mount Kolunos [2, 3, 5]
Lennen - a mercenary whose command is attached to Yahan's squadron during the original Archniniei campaign [1]
Lisel - a veteran in Yahan's squadron [1, 6, 8]
Malek - a knight of great prowess in Yahan's squadron [1, 6]
Onalos - a battle-mage of late middle years, serving in Yahan's squadron [1, 6]
Parshak - a serf from a manor between Ar-Kalen and Ar-Balagûn [1]
Praetor, The - see: Karas; Tiral
Rizulek - Yahan's interrogator, a member of the Autarch's elite force of covert operatives and assassins [1, 6, 8]
Rodanna - an archer in Yahan's squad [1, 8]
Sohan - younger cousin of Gargorai, a Terionach noble who serves as a decoy [6, 8]
Stupek - home consul of the Union [3, 5, 7]
Tirral - elected praetor of the Union after the ouster of his predecessor, Karas [3, 5, 6, 7, 8]
Turuk - Malek's cousin, a commander in the Terionach army [7]
Ulfann - a veteran serving under Yahan's emergency command [1, 7]
Ueli - a Terionach exile from Tane-Los, who accompanies Graniel's mission [6]
Vanar - a serf from a freeholding near the capital, Ar-Terionach [1]
Yahan - an officer of the Terionach army; originally a captain (double centurion) in the Second Army, later given a field promotion to division general by the Autarch [1, 2, 3, 5, 7]


Mangkhai - Collapse )
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nano_prompt 008 - October 11, 2005

Prompt 008. - October 11, 2005

Based on what you know about your characters, list three possible conflicts that could arise in your novel. Choose one of these three and flesh it out with details. What would be the rising action? The climax? The falling action? Where do the tensions lie amongst your characters?

*Bonus*: Do any of your characters own pets? Describe the pet(s) and its relationship to its owner.

1. Feslik idolizes his mentors, Rizulek (the spy), Onalos (the curmudgeonly old sage), and Yahan (the mighty general). For the time being, their purpose is unified: to defeat the Mage-Lord and restore security to the Terionach Union; this may, however, change in the future if and when the Mage-Lord is brought down. In particular, Feslik has a terrific sense of foreboding that he, like his grandfather and sister, will manifest the Mindcurse (coercive, redactive, and proleptic metafaculty).

2. Yahan, now general of the second division of the Terionach Second Army (essentially its foreign legion), has found a mentor of his own in Graniel, an elderly lord of the Archnin Collegium of Speakers. As the battle against the Mage-Lord builds to its climax, Graniel has increasing misgivings about the metapsychic technology that he is making available to his nation's greatest enemies. The denouement of this tension is set in the far future, the first lasting repercussions to follow nearly 800 years after the setting of my current story.

3. The Empress Yul-Ranavel's descendants include several of her great-grandchildren, heirs much less shrewd and skillful at negotiating with the agents of the lord of the Amethyst Isles and other Imperial peers. This will play out in the years to come after my story. Although the Archniniei are destined to retake Tane-Los, the cost in life and other sacrifices is as yet untold.

Alinyel has a horse, Tragan, given to him by Lord Graniel on his tenth birthday. He has trained with it for three years and is quite a good equestrian. Tragan travels with Alinyel across the ocean and is part of the Autarch's caravan.